another world

today: flashbacks.

working in an office at the local hospital i see lots of names every day, some familiar, some not. today i saw one which vaguely reminded me of someone, a name which triggered a memory hidden quite a long way away.

of course a girl, always a girl, is it not? this time back in junior high, i must've been 14, she was a year older and so incredibly cute. the funny thing is, i never really knew her at all, she's mostly a name and a image which is no longer sparkling clear in my mind, but still clear enough. the few times i talked to her was weird, hazy blurred memories of white wine & early summer nights, blood, i remember the first time i actually met her she had accidentally cut herself on some glass and was bleeding all over, she made it to the hospital and got everything stiched back together. after that i only met her a few times, good times. i seem to remember other people later telling me "that girl is crazy", "she's weird" etc. i didn't believe them. was i naive? i don't know.

using one of the more convenient electronic tools available to secretaries at the hospital i looked up her name and found out some small, but interesting details. first of all, she currently lives in the middle of a gigantic dump, a tiny shitty place (i've lived there myself, i should know; it's a no-good-man's land), god knows what she's doing there. second: her birthday is tomorrow.

once again, everything connects to everything.

i heart hubblebees

supernova remnants - kinda descriptive for my quit-smoking-plan.

i love hubble.

not quitting smoking is ok, for now. and buying a ultra-cool Zippo lighter didn't really help.


1. dette er en hytte, med veranda. ("folk har hus, men de er verandaer")
2. ingen er her.
3. dette er ikke en blog.
4. "write on, can't change or go back, involuntary, unrevised, spontaneous, subconscious, pure." / "be in love with your life, every detail of it." / "you're a genious all the time." / "write for the world to read and see your exact pictures." (kerouac)
5. alt er lov, ingen vet noenting.
6. here be monsters.
7. closer always.
8. hytta ligger i en skog.
9. "i juni er nettene aldri farlige." (tove jansson)